Metal-Ceramic Prosthesis

What is a cermet? This is a common form of dental prosthesis, which is very similar to tooth enamel in its physical and mechanical properties: the construction consists of a layer of a certain metal and a layer of ceramic mass deposited on it. The metal base is the frame of the future crown, and the ceramics is its facing material, which gives aesthetic appearance to the teeth. The beauty and naturalness of tooth enamel is given just by ceramics, the color of which is selected in accordance with the tone of the main teeth. The metal-ceramic crowns fit tightly to the tooth, which guarantees the absence of food or saliva residues on the unprotected tissues of the oral cavity, and also provides protection against external aggression and possible destruction.

Indications for the installation of metal-ceramic structures:

— violation of the anatomical shape and color of the teeth due to acquired diseases (caries, injuries, wedge-shaped defects, change the color of the teeth for various reasons), and also due to congenital anomalies (incorrect value, shape, position of the teeth, etc.);

— increased erasing of solid tissues of teeth;

— the presence of defects in the front and anterolateral regions of the dentition;

— the need to replace metal non-removable prostheses;

— Allergic reactions to the plastic lining of non-removable prostheses.


Advantages of metal-ceramic prostheses:

— an aesthetic appearance;

— structural strength;

— Absence of allergic reactions during their application;

— do not change color at various influences on the teeth;

— The democratic price on their installation.