Стоматология C.D. Clinic

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetics is an integral part of modern orthopedic dentistry.

The main types of prosthetics.

Dental prostheses are such a design that allows you to effectively solve the problem of missing teeth. Preference is given to dentures, because:

— they look natural but correctly selected are no different from real teeth;;

— perform all the functions of your tooth instead of the lost;

— in the process of «socks» the prosthesis does not create a feeling of discomfort in the oral cavity.

Dental prostheses are divided into two large groups: removable and non-removable.

The owner of removable dentures will appreciate their advantages, which are easy in cleaning and care of the construction itself. Such dentures are set when all of the teeth are lost, or most of them, when it is not possible to fix the structure behind the supporting teeth.

Fixed dentures must be strong, preferably barely noticeable, because they are fixed for a long period of time, and the patient should not feel discomfort when they are present in the oral cavity, for hygiene which will need to be monitored more carefully.

Implantation is a new direction in orthopedic dentistry. The implant is titanium rod — is implanted by a special technique directly into the jaw, and then strung the appropriate structure from above.

Types of prostheses.

  1. Crown:

         — single;

         — single (with console);

         — bridge prosthesis.

  1. Microprosthesis:

         — tabs;

         — Veneers;

         — lining.

  1. Full removable:

          — plastic;

         — Removable in part;

         — nylon;

         — plastic-nylon (equipped with hooks);

         — clasp.