Стоматология C.D. Clinic

Pediatric Dentistry

Children`s dentistry is a branch of dentistry that requires not only specific professional medical skills, but also the ability to cope with psychological aspects when solving the problem of dental treatment in children.


  • dental treatment without drilling using the ICON method
  • fissure sealing in children
  • children’s teeth cleaning
  • plastic frenum of the lip and tongue
  • tooth shaping and remineralizing therapy


The need for healthy teeth in a child:

  • the ability to eat well and maintain a proper diet;
  • Ability to correct pronunciation and clear speech;
  • the psychological aspect in terms of supporting the child in his confidence in communicating with peers.


Symptoms of dental unhealth in the child:

  • snoring during sleep;
  • a dream with an open mouth;
  • problems and complaints when eating.


Tips for parents to care for the oral cavity of the child:

  • it is necessary to instill in your own example a habit of hygiene of the oral cavity in the child, to teach them to brush teeth in the morning and evening before going to bed;
  • the nutrition of the child should be the most beneficial for the child’s organism, always contain vitamins:
  • in accordance with age it is necessary to replace toothpastes and brushes:
  • try to exclude from the child’s diet foods containing excessive amounts of sugar, as well as acidic drinks;
  • Follow the advice of the district pediatrician on measures to protect the immune system of the child’s body.


The children’s dentist must have experience with children, and, of course, be a highly professional specialist. He also always advise parents on the following topics:

  • how to properly ensure that the elimination of milk teeth was timely;
  • What is caries on the teeth of the baby, and what kind of danger does it carry;
  • rules for using a toothbrush and threads to teach your child;
  • recommendations for scheduling visits to the children’s dentist’s office.