Стоматология C.D. Clinic


Consultation of a dentist, a therapist, drawing up a treatment plan, filling out a medical history – UAH 300.
1. Professional oral hygiene
Complex professional hygiene (removal of all dental deposits, polishing) + brush 2000 UAH
Comprehensive professional oral hygiene in children with strengthening of hard tissues with fluorine-containing preparations 800 UAH
2. Children’s dentistry
Treatment of caries in children 800-1300 UAH
Treatment of tooth canals with pulpitis/periodontitis 1000-1500 UAH
Caries treatment without drilling using the ICON method 1300 UAH
Teeth fluoridation 700 UAH
Fissure sealing from caries (sealing) 400 UAH
3. Therapeutic dentistry
Anesthesia 300 UAH
X-ray image of a tooth on the device with minimal load 300 UAH
Caries treatment 1300-2200 UAH
Treatment of tooth canals with a microscope with canal filling and temporary filling from UAH 4,000
4. Prosthetics
Diagnostic scanning, ortho modeling, smile design, diagnosis of occlusal contacts at the consultation stage 750 UAH
Digital scan of 2 jaws 1350 UAH
Ceramic tab 8000 UAH
Ceramic veneer 8000 UAH
Ceramic crown from UAH 7,800
Ceramic crown on implant from UAH 8,100
Zirconia crown 10,500 UAH
Acrylic removable prosthesis from UAH 4,550
Disassemble model on 3D printer 1 jaw 1000 UAH
Disassemble model on a 3D printer (block) 500 UAH
Whitening cap, for bruxism, upper and lower jaw set 1500 UAH
5. Implantology
Bauer’s implant installation from UAH 7,200
Osstem implant installation from UAH 10,000
Installing the MegaGen implant from UAH 10,000
ANKYLOS implant from UAH 16,300
Straumann installation from UAH 18,000
Osstem TS III SA implant installation 12,500 UAH
All in 4 MS package (4 units of Osstem MS+template+metal-plastic crowns) 42,000 UAH
All in 6 MS package (6 units of Osstem MS+template+metal-plastic crowns) 47,000 UAH
Micro-implant installation 4200 UAH
6. Surgery
Tooth removal 1270-3300 UAH
Removal of a temporary tooth/a tooth with a high degree of mobility 500 UAH
Tooth cyst removal 4200 UAH
Bone plastic from UAH 6,000
7. Orthodontics
Fixation of the metal bracket system (1 jaw) 10,000 UAH
Ceramic bracket system fixation (1 jaw) 13,000 UAH
Sapphire bracket system fixation (1 jaw) 14,000 UAH
Fixation of Damon Q metal self-ligating bracket system (1 jaw) 17,000 UAH
Fixation of Damon Clear ceramic self-ligating bracket system (1 jaw) 20,000 UAH
Orthodontic appliance from UAH 2,700
Bite correction without braces (aligners) – Turnkey package, with an unlimited number of mouthpieces and a 5-year warranty. $3500
Orthodontic micro-implant 4200 UAH
Fixed retainer (6 teeth/1jaw) 800 UAH
CristaLine aligners package UNLIMITED 56,000 UAH