Стоматология C.D. Clinic

Surgical Dentistry

Basic surgical procedures in dentistry:

  • procedures aimed at preserving the teeth:
  • treatment of flux (periostitis) — inflammatory process of the periosteum;
  • complete or partial removal of teeth, as well as wisdom teeth:
  • various periodontal operations:
  • plastic of the shortened frenulum of the tongue:
  • splinting (pathological flaccidity or mobility of the dentition or single teeth):
  • plastic of the shortened frenulum of the lip:
  • use of implantation and associated with this procedure, osteoplastic and reconstructive interventions.


The main indications for the removal of teeth:

  • destruction of the crown or subgingival part of the tooth, in which it is impossible to keep the tooth either by installing the seal or using orthopedics;
  • Dystopic teeth (teeth that are not in their place);
  • the tilt of the teeth or their extension, which interfere with prosthetics;
  • fracture of the root of the tooth;
  • difficulty access for treatment;
  • impossibility or lack of root canal treatment;
  • Periodontitis of severe degree.


Contraindications to the removal of teeth:

  • recent myocardial infarction;
  • acute viral respiratory infections (conditionally);
  • stomatitis and other infections in the oral cavity (conditionally).
  • mental illness in the acute stage.


Follow the doctor’s advice.

  • After the removal of the tooth, try to refrain from eating for two hours, and try not to take hot food during the day.
  • try not to take hot baths;
  • brush your teeth the next day after the removal of the tooth;
  • Try not to touch the hole with your tongue or, anyway, with any other objects.