Стоматология C.D. Clinic

Prosthetic Implants

The implant is titanium rod — is implanted by a special technique directly into the jaw, and then strung the appropriate structure from above. Over time, the implant fully fuses with the jawbone and replaces the lost tooth.

Inside any prosthesis there is a special groove, on the top of the implant — the abutment — a small screw with an expanding top. Exactly the abutment «goes inside» the groove in the prosthesis and fixes it securely.


Types of dental prostheses on implants:

— single tooth crowns;

— bridges prostheses;

— Platy prostheses.


The indications for teeth prosthetics on implants:

— Absence of one or more teeth in a row;

— Absence of all teeth in the oral cavity;

— Absence of one or more supporting teeth, on which it would be possible to install prosthesis;

— Removable or permanent prosthesis.


Advantages of teeth prosthetics on implants:

— Set for a long time;

— There is no need to grind healthy teeth;

— The most qualitative kind of prosthetics — metal roots-implants;

— Implant teeth look naturally;

— It is possible to install any prosthesis — removable or non-removable;

— Have a quality fixation, which reliably fixes them;

— Evenly distribute the chewing load on the jaw when taking food;

— Do not cause allergic reactions to materials;

— Convenient for maintaining oral hygiene;

— Fast and comfortable habituation to prostheses on implants.

Minuses of teeth prosthetics on implants:

— The high cost of prostheses;

— Restrictions on the installation of implants for certain diseases.