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Prevention of Caries

In recent years, the worldwide growth of tooth decay of the caries in young children has been noted. The origin of caries in children, of course, is the same as in adults. The main reason is the cariogenic microflora of the oral cavity. The most interesting thing is that it does not have newborn children. The presence of cariogenic microorganisms is associated with a primary infection, the main source of which is the mother of the child or those who care for him.

The causes of caries origin in children:

— presence of teeth affected by caries:

— plaque and stone:

— wrong nutrition of the child (excessive infatuation with sweet foods and carbonated drinks):

— the presence of various diseases not associated with the oral cavity:

— genetic predisposition.

Pregnant women need to adhere to the following recommendations, so that the future child correctly formed teeth:

— Follow the advice of a doctor on diet:

— timely and quality care for the oral cavity at home, as well as visit the dental office:

— Even before the planned pregnancy, monitor the condition of your teeth by regularly visiting a dentist:

— take vitamin-mineral complexes, which the doctor appointed.

Methods of preventing oral diseases in children:

— regularly visit the child dentist once every six months;

— care for the general health of the baby;

— strictly observe the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity;

— to take vitamin-mineral complexes, appointed by a doctor, taking into account the health characteristics of the child’s organism of a particular child;

— apply special children’s toothpastes, rinses, dental floss for the qualitative cleaning of spaces between the teeth;

— Remineralization of tooth enamel and its fluorination in the dental office.