Стоматология C.D. Clinic

Tooth Removal of Any Complexity

Reasons for tooth extraction:

— chronic infections (an infected tooth bacteria infects the healthy teeth);

— caries strongly affected the root of the tooth;

— prolonged inflammation of the gums (treatment does not bring the desired effect);

— removal of the wisdom tooth (interferes with other teeth or in case of a change in occlusion).

Scheduled and urgent removal.

  1. The scheduled removal is performed if the tooth is destroyed and can not be repaired. In case the tooth is broken, but it can be restored. The tooth is also removed when you have a surgery in some chronic diseases of the body, so that the tooth is not the source of infection.
  2. Urgent removal is produce in the case of acute pain associated with the inflammatory process.

Tooth extraction without pain.

Modern methods of anesthesia and newest medications can make the tooth removal procedure painless. Initially, the doctor with a special antiseptic gel will anesthetize the tooth and surrounding tissue so that the pain is not felt at all. After the procedure of anesthesia, the tooth is loosened with a special tool. And the last stage is the direct extraction of the tooth with the help of dental forceps.

Wisdom tooth extraction.

The wisdom tooth is removed in the following cases:

— it is located incorrectly and interferes neighboring teeth;

— its roots grow into the maxillary sinus;

— he is struck by caries, but because of the inaccessible location, his treatment is impossible.

Recommendations that should be followed after the tooth is removed:

— do not eat for two hours after removal;

— try not to cause any damage to the healing well;

— pay attention to the temperature of the food you eat;

— teeth can be cleaned only after a day.