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Treatment of Tooth Canals

The main reasons for the destruction of pulp are the following:

— Penetration of bacteria from a deep carious cavity;

— Damage to the tooth due to injury;

— Gum disease.


For effective treatment it is necessary to remove unhealthy pulp. In what cases should this procedure be carried out.

  1. Bacteria cause inflammation of the tooth — pulpitis, if the caries reaches its cavity. You can be disturbed by tedious, drawing pains during the reception of cold or hot food, at the temperature changes of changeable weather.
  2. Pulpitis can develop without the presence of unpleasant feelings. But if you experience a sharp throbbing pain, if the tooth reacts to temperature stimuli, this is one of the signals that the pulp is inflamed.
  3. Untimely treatment of pulpitis contributes to the fact that the infection will pass into the circumcircular tissues, cause them an inflammatory process — periodontitis.
  4. Sometimes periodontitis causes only minor unpleasant feelings in the area of ​​a diseased tooth. You note a change in the color of the crown or the periodic appearance of a fistula with a purulent discharge on the gum.


What are the treatment procedures for root canal treatment?

The process of treatment of tooth canals includes the following actions:

 — Cleaning the root canals with modern manual and machine tools, which can process even the narrowest or curved channel;

— Flushing channels with special antiseptic agents that penetrate  into the system of root canals;

— Temporary filling of the root canals with special preparations to enhance the anti-inflammatory action;

— Dense, hermetically filled with a constant material.