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Removal of Milk Teeth

Milk teeth appear in the child even before the year, and at the age of five to six years, the period of their change of permanent. Milk teeth have roots, which at some point begin to dissolve. But sometimes there are situations that the removal of milk teeth occurs long before their natural loss.

The main indications for the removal of milk teeth:

— there was a delay in the resorption of the roots (it is necessary to make space for the free growth of the permanent);

— loose tooth is the cause of inflammation of the gum tissue;

— the tooth does not fall out, causing discomfort to the child;

— the tooth should already fall out in time and even on the x-ray it image shows that the root has dissolved;

— The destroyed tooth caries is not recoverable;

— a cyst on the root;

— the permanent tooth is already cut, and the milk has not still fallen out;

— recommendations of an orthodontist;

— Injuries of teeth, which the child could get — chips, cracks, fractures;

— fistula — pouch with fluid on the gum;

— Periodontitis, sinusitis (on the basis of medical indications).

Contraindications to the removal of dental teeth:

— Acute development of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (gingivitis, candidiasis, stomatitis);

— Some respiratory infections (tonsillitis, pneumonia, whooping cough);

— the tooth is located in the zone of a malignant or vascular tumor (in this case the tooth must be removed together with the tumor in a hospital setting).


Anesthetic medications are well tolerated by children, but to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, a pediatric dentist needs to know:

— does the baby has an allergic reaction to certain medicines;

— whether you have  previously used local anesthesia and how the child’s organism reacted to this procedure;

— the presence of any chronic diseases.