Tooth Whitening

The main reasons of change the color of dental enamel are:

— Smoking;

— Eating various products with dyes;

— Chronic diseases of both the oral cavity and the body as a whole.

Mechanical impact with Air-Flow.

You are excessively addicted to food that contains food colorings. Then this method of teeth whitening with Air-Flow will suit you. It consists in applying compressed air under pressure with a special nozzle to the tooth enamel, which consists of a therapeutic powder, previously diluted with water. The only disadvantage of this procedure is that it is recommended to do it only once, as the excessive fascination with this method threatens to damage the density of the dental tissue.

Chemical whitening of teeth.

This method of teeth whitening is very good, if you do not have noticeable pins, seals and prostheses on your teeth. When using it, special chemicals are used.

Laser teeth whitening.

The Doctor activates the Gel Whitening using laser technology and have the ability to adjust the laser power. One of the advantages of this method is your guaranteed white smile in just one hour of your stay in the chair of the dental office.

Photo whitening teeth.

This method of teeth whitening is ideal if you have very high tooth sensitivity. The impact on your teeth is done through halogen light.