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Professional Hygiene of the Oral Cavity

Why professional hygiene of teeth and oral cavity is necessary.

In the oral cavity there are inaccessible places, for example, interdental spaces or periodontal pockets, from which bacteria can not be removed independently by any means of individual hygiene.

It is in such «dead zones» all sorts of microbes and bacteria feel free. This further leads to the accumulation of dental deposits, their transformation into a dental stone. The result is the inflammatory process.

It turns out that there are people whose body is predisposed to the formation of a dental stone — a solid plaque. Such a defect, unfortunately, can not be removed by the person himself. The reasons for this trouble lie in the pathology of the structure of the dentoalveolar system or arise because the orthodontic treatment of teeth was not performed in time.

Why are dental stones formed.

There are several main reasons for the formation of dental stones, namely:

— Violation of metabolism in the body;
— Wrong position of the teeth;
— Poor mechanical cleaning of teeth (chewing only from one side of the jaw or eating soft food in the diet);
— Wrong care of teeth;
— Smoking;
— Bad-quality toothpaste;
— Incorrectly selected toothbrush.

If you think that a dental stone is a trifle, then in vain do you think so. Tooth «stone deposits» leads to such troubles with your health:

— Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity;
— Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
— Frequent problems with normal functioning of the upper respiratory tract;
— Some blood diseases.